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With K9 Bookkeeping, you can save more time and focus on growing your business.

Select the right package for your business

$109 Monthly
0-50 Transactions
Up to 2 Accounts
  • Running Payroll
    $60/mo + $6/employee/mo
  • Billing/Invoicing
    $100/mo + $5/bill/invoice that K9 Processes
    Includes 5 Bills/invoice
$209 Monthly
50-120 Transactions
Up to 4 Accounts
  • Running Payroll
    $60/mo + $6/employee/mo
  • Billing/Invoicing
    $100/mo + $5/bill/invoice that K9 Processes
    Includes 5 Bills/invoice
$309 Monthly
120-220 Transactions
Up to 6 Accounts
  • Running Payroll
    $60/mo + $6/employee/mo
  • Billing/Invoicing
    $100/mo + $5/bill/invoice that K9 Processes
    Includes 5 Bills/invoice
Industry Leader
$409 Monthly
220-400 Transactions
6+ Accounts
  • Running Payroll
    $60/mo + $6/employee/mo
  • Billing/Invoicing
    $100/mo + $5/bill/invoice that K9 Processes
    Includes 5 Bills/invoice

Custom Package Options Available

Other services we offer

Year End Taxes
K9 Bookkeeping’s year-end tax filing service, we will help you organize, prepare and file your taxes quickly, accurately, and efficiently.
Sales Tax
K9 Bookkeeping Sales Tax Service is for businesses that need help managing their sales tax obligations. We help identify the correct rates, determine filing frequencies, and accurately complete all required sales tax forms.
Business Formation
We provide support for all stages of establishing a new company, from selecting an appropriate legal entity, registering with local and federal agencies, setting up accounting systems, filing initial tax returns, and more.
I'm great at my job, but I'm a mess when it comes to my accounting. That's where K9 Accounting Services comes in. [They] took piles of financial information...and is making sense of my life...I'm so glad I found K9 Bookkeeping.
Matt Davis
Current Marketing Co
"K-9 has handled my account with speed and accuracy..."
David Finke
Owner, Eagle Crest Enterprises LTD Corporation
"Filing taxes has always been a hassle for me. With the help of K9 Bookkeeping, the process became smoother, simpler, and more stress-free, and I've been a loyal customer ever since."
Christian Velitchkov
Co-Founder and COO of Twiz


Why Should I Outsource My Bookkeeping?
There's a reason so many people are choosing to scuttle their billing departments to move to a virtual bookkeeping solution: it's more efficient and cost effective.
When you hire K9 Bookkeeping, you get everything you're overpaid in-house bookkeeper offers for a fraction of the price. On top of the regular bookkeeping services you'd expect, our expert team can handle your payroll, billing and invoicing, and financial reporting and forecasting to ensure you know what's happening in your business and to help you make decisions with the best available information.
Your dedicated Account Manager is always available whenever you have any questions, and all financial documents we produce are signed off by our team of accounting professionals.
Is there any long-term commitment?

At K9 bookkeeping, we work on a monthly basis. This means that you can cancel at any time if you are not happy with our services. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work, so we offer this flexible cancellation policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is calculated by your plan tier + number of transactions & invoices/bills you have per month. Each plan comes with a base amount of transactions & invoices/bills, with a price for additional transactions & bills/Invoices over and above the base amount. After you choose your plan and a bookkeeper is assigned, we will reach out to estimate any additional charges you may need for transactions & Invoices/Bills going forward.

What happens when I change plans?

If you decide to change your K9 Bookkeeping plan, any payments already made on your current plan will be rolled over. This means that you'll only ever pay for the services that you use and won't have to worry about losing any money.

What software does K9 Bookkeeping use?

K9 Bookkeeping is the perfect solution for businesses that don't have the internal resources to maintain their books. We can integrate with any standard bookkeeping software including QuickBooks, Xero, Wave, and more! Our experienced bookkeepers have expertise in platforms used across the industry.

How is K9 Bookkeeping So Affordable?
K9 Bookkeeping was established with the mission of offering small businesses big business financial services, and a key part of that was finding a price point that was reasonable and affordable for everyone.
We were able to achieve that by harnessing the latest tools in bookkeeping technology to seamlessly liaise with our clients and manage their books, and have our dedicated Account Managers and accountants sign off on every financial document we produce.
How Would I Submit Documents to K9 Bookkeeping?
K9 Bookkeeping offers many secure ways to transfer and share your records and documents to our team.
The most popular is through our bank connection, where after you conduct a one-time log in, your K9 Bookkeeping Account Manager would have access to your statements until the connection is terminated by you. 
Alternatively, we can send and receive documents by email, and through our secure portal which you will be invited to upon sign-up.
Can K9 Bookkeeping Help With Back Taxes and Catch-Up Bookkeeping?
We can also help clean up and organize old books and financial records, and while dealing with past taxes and potential penalties can be a really stressful and grueling process, the K9 Bookkeeping expert team can help you through it and make it a breeze. We'll show you what documents and forms need to be filed, where they need to go and the best way to go about it, with our proven systems that have already helped hundreds in the same position as you.
At K9 Bookkeeping, we provide outsourced bookkeeping services to help businesses save time and money.